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Mini Van Feed

The munchkin graduated from kindergarten last night. There was a potluck, a slide show, singing and a small ceremony in Mrs. Cooper’s classroom.  

Mrs. X*, the teacher assistant, was the one who gave Van his diploma and he could not have been happier. 


This is him skipping back to his seat. 



Here is a link to the class’s rendition of “We’re Movin’ on up to the First Grade”, sung to the tune of the Jefferson’s theme song.



This is him with the goods.


*I told Mrs. X how much Van really loved having her as a teacher assistant. I also may have mentioned how intently he asks to be dropped off at her carpool station. She told me that there was another boy in kindergarten that loves her too. She said that he is constantly asking her to tie his shoe laces. She will tie them, they will quickly become undone, she said she says to him, “Whatareya Houdini?!” She said he just looks at her deadpan and replies, “Yes.” She totally has their number.

**I guess this is a good a place as any to post an update to the SpongeBob fruit snack photoshoot. I tweeted a url to the aforementioned post. A photographer I follow (who has many many followers), retweeted the url:

RT @nanobroyles: Ever been woken up in the middle of a photo shoot? (awesome, sometimes I dream about lighting).”

I am not sure this person fully understood that the SpongeBob fruit snacks were not actually professionally lit. Since I am turning into web nerd, I check the stats and see that Van’s picture has been viewed around 90x (that is A LOT for this blog). I explain this news to him the best I can and I think he gets it because he looks excited. And then it dawns on me that I have just set myself to wake up to more mornings with food carefully arranged on my arms.


Twitter gets 10 Points Today

Yesterday I was monitoring our Lenovo Twitter account @lenovosocial and there was a post to us from a person who had worn out the TrackPoint on his ThinkPad, and wondered where to get some more. I just happen to have a bag of TrackPoints on my desk, so I asked the person to email me and let me know his address so I could mail some to him. Another follower, who was having the same problem, saw the tweet and emailed me as well.

When the second person emailed me with his address, I realized he lives and works in Raleigh at Red Hat so I wrote back and asked if he knew one of my very good friends who worked there, and he replied immediately that he had just had a meeting with her yesterday.

We have written back and forth a couple of times and it turns out that this person also works in social networking for Red Hat.  We have decided to grab lunch or a beer sometime and chat about good social networking strategies for both companies, and possibly even plan a “Tweet Up” with both Lenovo and Red Hat followers.

Twitter, I like you today (even if you do require a separate email for every account!)