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Van in Local Paper Among Cast of Characters



Mini Van Feed

So lately when I drop Van off for school, he starts getting kind of squirrely in the backseat: sitting straight up, looking all over, looking for a little girl? No. Looking for one specific teacher who opens the car doors during carpool to let the kids out? Yes.

He mentions this certain teacher maybe once or twice a week, she is a volunteer teacher in his class. I would classify her as a “looker” very cute, long blond hair and a great northern accent.  She always is super sweet to Van, saying things like, “Van! My god you’re adorable. Come here! Let me squeeze you.”

So, lately when I pull into the line of cars for carpool, Van tries to talk me into getting the spot in front of this particular teacher where she will be the one opening his car door.

Him: No, don’t go to that slot! Wait a minute! Her slot will open up in just a minute. Just wait!

Me: Sweetie, there is a LINE of cars behind me… I need to go to that other teacher’s slot, we will try to get her spot tomorrow.

Him: No, just wait. See that car is moving… she is almost… there…she is free! Ok, Go ! Go ! Go!

Him: (doe-eyed) Good Morning Mrs. X.

Her: Hiiii Vaaaan. How are you todaaaay….

Me: Ok then! Bye sweetie! Hello? Ok… I don’t think you can hear me…Have a good day! Love Ya!

This morning I had a flash watching them walk away… it was the Muppet Show. The guest host was Suzanne Somers, she was serenading Kermit. 

Very cute and somewhat disturbing.


And at the Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend:

Van spends over 45 minutes weaving a beach towel through the slats of a deck chair at an 80K square feet water park.

Me: Sweetie… do you see the waterslides, over there… don’t they look FUN?!

Him: Just a minute! I am almost finished!

9th Annual Ettrick Celtic Festival and Weekend

This weekend Van and I drove up to Matoaca, Virginia to meet my mom and her husband, David at his old family house for Mother’s Day. It happened to be the same weekend that David’s cousin, John McEwan, was hosting the 9th Annual Ettrick Celtic Festival on his farm about a mile away.

Celtic Festival May 9

My mom had mentioned bagpipers and kilts, but failed to mention the rest of the billing:

St. Andrew’s Legion Pipes and Drums
Scottish Clans
Willys Jeeps – car show and Willys memorabilia
WWII Displays
Native American Display
Fire Fighters’ Memorabilia
Historical Displays, Civic groups
Civil War Re-enactors
Farm Animals
Haley’s Honey

I think the best way to get the full experience here, is to probably just share some pictures.


John McEwan’s Farm

100_3994St. Andrew’s Legion Pipes and Drums

Celtic Bunch

Clan McEwan and Co.

Van and JeepsWilly’s Jeeps

100_4029It felt a bit like M*A*S*H for a while, if M*A*S*H were on a farm

They will come to your school and do a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers if you wish

Buffalo Soldier decendents who will come to your school and give a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers  

(dressed in period clothing, the word PowerPoint just sounded weird…

Me: “Oooh, PowerPoint!” It didn’t even register.)

100_4014A very sweet Native American who made Van a dream catcher to ward off bad dreams

100_4019Native American Display

I couldn’t imagine what could possibly bring this diverse group of people together for a smallish festival on a farm, kind of in the middle of nowhere. But then Van and I saw this collection of items that John McEwan had found on his farm. They include arrowheads, remnants of Native American pipes, Civil War bullets, buttons and coins and even some pottery that was made by an old college nearby. Add Scottish ancestry and there you have it.


After the festival, the Clan McEwan all headed down to their place on the river. On the road you take to get to down to the river, you pass a field on your right. I am always totally intrigued because the guy that owns the property is a little cooky, and always has these little mini sculptures made out of wood and net and metal to ward off aliens (that’s right, aliens).  Usually the field is covered in them, but today, it was a small subset. 


And here is a picture of Van down by the river.


One last note. I know that Matoaca is not on the cutting edge as far as restaurants go, and I understand that there are limited options, but I would like to say that no one, not ever, will talk me into going to a Cracker Barrel at 9:45 am on a Sunday that is Mother’s Day. 

Update: Van in the paper:http://villagenewsonline.net/artman2/publish/Community/Great_Times_at_Ettrick_Celtic_Festival052009.shtml