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Learned a lot about netbooks today

Today I was tasked with summarizing and analyzing all of the comments left for for a blog that the Vice President of Lenovo’s Corporate Identity and Design had written on the 14th of this month. The blog was written about the influx of netbooks on the market and asked the ThinkPad community what they would think of a “Think” netbook. There were around 96 comments today, and I just checked and now there are 103.  

The majority of the comments agreed that a “Think” netbook would be a good idea for Lenovo as long as we kept the integrity of the ThinkPad design, specifically relating to the TrackPoint and the 7-row keyboard (At one point, I actually counted the rows of keys on the keyboard, huh, yep, 7, who knew.) I must admit, that I have worked for IBM / Lenovo for over 12 years and I *love* the TrackPoint, but I really was surprized at how much people were really passionate about these features.  I think both would fit nicely within a netbook design.

There was a lot of speculation about whether or not the netbook market was here to stay, or whether people would just get frustrated and want their smaller-more-spec’d-out ThinkPad back. The majority of the comments agreed that it was here to stay, but for use more as an extra computer, say, one you might leave on your coffee table or take on vacation rather than something that would function as a primary PC.

Reading all of this information about netbooks, made me want to get one, which is funny, because I am honestly am on my own PC all day long… why would I need a smaller, cuter version? Hmmm.