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San Francisco

I am looking forward to San Francisco this week for the gdgt.com launch event and days o’ social media meetings. The event looks interesting, especially after checking the DNA lounge website where it will be hosted. Looks like the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has been trying to shut the place down calling it, “a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals”.  There is even a website where you can sign up to donate to a legal defense fund for them.

As for the meetings, I love meeting the people that I have talked with on the phone or by email countless times, but have never met in person. There really is no substitute.

But I think I may be most excited about the food itinerary that my colleague put together for me.  (Thanks David!) I will report back.


Kobe Lebron Facebook Vitamin Water

Awesome multi-channel campaign using facebook… 


Noted comment by John Robinson re facebook…

The only problem I see with the conversation shifting back to the corporate website is that I’m not as likely to consume that content if I have to take the extra step of visit their site. 

I visit Facebook everyday so why not just provide me with company updates there? I’d be more likely to read a company update if it were integrated into my Facebook browsing rather than having to go visit a separate site. I like a lot of brands but I can’t think of any one in particular where I would take time out of the day to go visit their specific community.

Marketing designed for Participation

Of everything I have read thus far, this is the first good visual I have seen that breaks down and the differences between traditional marketing, web or “tradigital” marketing and social media / engagement.


There is also an interesting comment by Rich Nadwordy below the article:


You know what the most intriguing part to me is? That you called the first two “marketing” and the third one “engagement.” Why not social marketing? What’s the difference here? As Duncan Wardle said at WOMM-U in Miami, “Marketing departments will cease to exist. And they’ll be replaced by Engagement Departments.”


Twitter gets 10 Points Today

Yesterday I was monitoring our Lenovo Twitter account @lenovosocial and there was a post to us from a person who had worn out the TrackPoint on his ThinkPad, and wondered where to get some more. I just happen to have a bag of TrackPoints on my desk, so I asked the person to email me and let me know his address so I could mail some to him. Another follower, who was having the same problem, saw the tweet and emailed me as well.

When the second person emailed me with his address, I realized he lives and works in Raleigh at Red Hat so I wrote back and asked if he knew one of my very good friends who worked there, and he replied immediately that he had just had a meeting with her yesterday.

We have written back and forth a couple of times and it turns out that this person also works in social networking for Red Hat.  We have decided to grab lunch or a beer sometime and chat about good social networking strategies for both companies, and possibly even plan a “Tweet Up” with both Lenovo and Red Hat followers.

Twitter, I like you today (even if you do require a separate email for every account!)