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The Handmade Market

My sister, Kelly, Van and I went down to the Handmade Market yesterday afternoon at the Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh.

The Handmade Market is for hip, handcrafted goods from more than 50 of the best and brightest artists, independent designers and crafters from NC and beyond.

I am a huge fan of etsy, a website where you can buy and sell homemade goods, so this was right up my alley. There were many terrific vendors to see (and buy from). Adam Peele and his partner (pictured below) own Ahpeele. They are super friendly screenprinters with edgy tshirt designs. Kelly pretty much cleaned them out.


They are hosting a Traffic Jam Flea Market at the Ahpeele Studio (400 Capital Blvd) on Saturday, June 6th from 9-5. The flyer lists a myriad of activities: local art show, books, vintage clothing, tshirts, music, bread (bread?), yoga demo and… hoola hooping (interesting). I don’t think there is a website, so thought I would mention it here.

My one purchase of the day was a necklace from Ileana Rodriguez who owns India Romeo.  Two more of our favorite vendors were Lucky Accessories and it’s by design. We also bought some the sea salt caramels from Karen and Nancy Homemade Goodies after they gave us a tester. I have one caramel left that I am refusing to eat, because then I won’t have any left, and that is one of those foods that I am not allowed to have in the house because it is just too good. Who would have thunk it, sea salt and caramel, yummy.

After the market, we all went to dinner at a new sushi place called Haru on Glenwood. That one is going into the weekly cycle. They had amazing, amazing sushi and were very kid friendly, actually, all told, they were really all-around-everyone friendly.  After that we took a hike and saw two bunny rabbits. It was a really great Sunday.


Found some cards from addional artists to note in the bottom of my purse. : )

Wolfie and the Sneak 

Mood Swing Studio 



Get Dressed

About a month ago, I went through the arduous task of going through my closet to get rid of anything that was getting repeatedly passed over. I decided that instead of stuffing everything into a trash bag and taking it to goodwill, I would investigate consignment. I had driven past a new place downtown a few days prior and thought I would throw everything in the car and go check it out.

The name of the consignment shop is Get Dressed, and is in an old warehouse in downtown Raleigh. The day that I brought my clothes in, I had the pleasure of talking to Mel Snyder, the owner. I learned that in addition to running Get Dressed,  she is also an architect who had done her thesis on the potentials of co-oping, not just clothes, but lots of different things, like pets and appliances. She told me about how she and a friend of hers share their dog. He has to work in an office during the day, so the dog wanders around with her during business hours until he gets home, and then they trade off. She also shares a vaccum with the neighbors in her apartment complex. We ended up talking for around three hours about how far you could take the concept of co-oping. I love the idea, especially during this time when everyone is having to tighten up the purse strings a bit.

So I dropped by there yesterday to see how things were going, and to see if any of my clothes had sold.

First of all, a week or so prior, the Pepsi people had come by with a mini fridge full of Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash  for Get Dressed to give away to customers as a free promotion. In addition, they stocked the back room with a bunch of 12 packs to give away free to each of the individual consigners (there are around 100 of us). I just want to say that I love that Pepsi co is targetting a small, local, business with an individualized promotion like that. I am traditionally a Coke person, but today, Pepsi gets 10 points.

Secondly,  I checked to see if I had a check from everything I had dropped off a month or so ago (I was expecting $20-$30 max.). I had a check from March for $150 and a check from April for $125. Sweet! Of course, I promptly hit the racks, and got some new digs.  I see the cycle beginning to start.

Either way, it made for an excellent Saturday. You can see great pictures of Get Dressed and Mel here.