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I am guessing that it is not you

Actual conversation with the car people yesterday:

Me: blah blah… i talked to some guy and he said he would leave the part at the front desk.

Him: do you know who you talked to?

Me: yeah, it was the guy with the beard.

Him: oh, well there are two of us here. do you know which one?


The funnest car ever in the world (sorta)

So I guess running out of gas during the test drive may have been somewhat of a bad omen…  I spent more time in car dealerships and service waiting rooms than I ever care to ever again this past weekend.


Take Subaru in to be serviced. After waiting 45 minutes and hearing the diagnosis, I decide to start test driving cars. 6 hours later I am new car owner.


Sunday morning while standing outside pumping gas, I start to wonder how I should take care of this car.  I decide, as I am sure all new car owners do, that I will take special care of it. At that exact moment a man walks up and tells me how much he likes the color of the car. I explain to him that I had just gotten it the day before.

Without prompting or asking, he spends the next 20 minutes telling me the proper way to wax the outside, “Use XX Brand, put it on there, wait a few hours, come back and you can just wipe your booty against it and it will wipe right off!”. He explains all things Armour All, “Use a sponge! don’t just spray it on there!”, and how to wash the rims, “Soap and water only…no acid!”. It turns out that he works at NAPA and has a detailing business on the side and gives me his card.

Later that day at Target, in the parking lot, when I park, a couple waves me down to tell me that they were driving behind me and it looks like my lug nuts are loose and that the back right tire might fall right off the car. This would be the car I had purchased not two hours earlier.

I drive to nearest tire place to check. 2 Hour wait to find out: not lug nuts, nothing is wrong with the tire but the rim is badly bent. Tom Grimes happens to stop in to get his spare refilled.

Driving home I can actually see the rim wobbling in my rearview mirror.


Go to car place.  Ask them for a new rim. While I am watching the guy drive it into the service center, I see that the rear right break light is out. I ask them to fix that too. I am starting to get pissy. I wait.

Service center tells me that the guys who checked the tire at the tire place forgot to put the Mini emblem back on the rims. I call over there. They tell me that someone who works there has it, but has put it in a special place for safe keeping. No one there knows where that special place is. They will call me back.

At the dealership, it is going to be a while to wait for the part. They drive me down to their sister dealership to give me a rental car since they won’t be able to get the parts until the next day. When I enter, the manager comes over and is super apologetic. He has the person with him who he is ordering the parts from. I look up and see my old friend from college, Scott McCauley, who owns a wholesale auto parts company. This wouldn’t be so weird, except that the last time I saw Scott was the last time I bought a car – the Subaru specifically, 6 years ago in Chapel Hill. We both say “Holy @^@#%” at the same time and have to explain to entire waiting room.

I take the car to work. Two hours later I get a call from the $ people, they have decided to knock a bunch of the cost and the actual interest rate! Score!

After work, I pick up Van who is now deeply confused. “I thought the green car was our car”.

The Funnest Car Ever In the World

The Subaru ate it this weekend, and by ate it I mean it needed $3500 worth of work. While the service guy was telling me this, a bright, shiny green Mini Cooper was staring at me from across the parking lot. My car was a 2001, and I know that I have been living on borrowed time for a while now. I had been looking at the Minis, but wasn’t sure I would get the guts to actually purchase one. I bought this one even after it ran out of gas on the test drive. Bad omen? Let’s hope not.

I have never driven anything so fun in my life. You kinda want to give people the keys and say, “Drive it! I am serious, you will not believe how fun it is!!”. There may be a small problem with the speeding and wanting to jump things (can you say supercharger?), but the giggles from the front and back seat make it all OK.

mini me