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Mini Van Feed: Has anyone ever told a kid not to pay so much attention?

This morning, we drove over to Durham to have breakfast with my sister Kelly at a place called Alivia’s. Within the span of five minutes, Van had commented on the plants that had been placed in the firepits, the legs our table which happen to have all different lengths and designs, and the menus, which had these tiny scrolly metal corners that he liked. But the one that made Kelly and I spit our our coffee, was when he commented on the waitress’s tats. She had some on her shoulder that were easy to spot, but there were others.

Van: Did you see her tattoos?

Kelly: Yes, the ones on her shoulder, I think they are from Alice in Wonderland.

Van: Yes, there are those, but did you see the ones on her wrist?

Kelly and I: No.

Van: They are tattoos of Mario from the Wii game.

Me: No, but we will take a look when she comes back out to our table.

Van: Well, when she comes out of the door from the kitchen, she usually opens the door with her right hand and carries the food with her left. When she takes the turn there (points), her arm turns around and you will be able to see them even if she doesn’t come back to the table.

Kelly and I just stare at him.


San Francisco

I am looking forward to San Francisco this week for the gdgt.com launch event and days o’ social media meetings. The event looks interesting, especially after checking the DNA lounge website where it will be hosted. Looks like the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has been trying to shut the place down calling it, “a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals”.  There is even a website where you can sign up to donate to a legal defense fund for them.

As for the meetings, I love meeting the people that I have talked with on the phone or by email countless times, but have never met in person. There really is no substitute.

But I think I may be most excited about the food itinerary that my colleague put together for me.  (Thanks David!) I will report back.

Mini Van Feed: Pickle in a Cardboard Box

Yesterday Van and I went to the Lego store, it. He purchased a SpongeBob set which included The Crabby Patty restaurant. We spent a few hours last night putting it together. Today after lunch, he asks me if I have duct tape. I tell him that I do not, and offer him present tape instead. He accepts the offer and heads to his room. Fifteen minutes later he comes back out of his room with the SpongeBob Lego box all taped up except for one smallish hole in the side.

“Watch this.” he says. He holds this rather large Lego box with the hole up, and something exits the box and enters his mouth.

“What the heck was that?” I ask.

“A pickle.” he says.

He then explains proudly that he has spent the last half hour putting the leftover contents of his lunch into this cardboard box so that he may “chug” the food out of the side of the box. This includes a combination of pickles, chex mix, carrots and lil’ smokies.

Super Cook

Love this idea… punch in a list of what you have in your kitchen and it gives you a list of recipes to choose from from sites like epicurious.


Taco Doco + Paper Mache Unicorn

I had a lot of fun there at the Tacomentary in Durham tonight. Big turnout. Gorgeous weather… Pinhook opened up their back porch and from it you are able to see all of the people in the stands at the Durham Bulls ballpark and hear the announcer, so that was kinda cool. You are also able to see new tacky neon “OLD BULL” sign, which was less than desirable. (Durham, I miss you, but you never cease to amaze me).


The best part was of course the tacos, or tortas, as you can see my friend Sean enjoying below. He did the intro music for the tacomentary, which was fun to watch. I learned that there are over 30 taquerias in Durham and how to order so that I don’t wind up with tongue or intestines (a fear that has kept me away thus far). I know that people genuinely enjoy these items and I wish I were that adventurous, but come on it’s a tongue for godsake, the tongue of a cow no less. The chicken was fine and the salsas were excellent. 


This last picture is completely random. Some guy had a paper mache unicorn, out there on the street. I am not sure what the relationship is between the unicorn and the tacomentary. He made it, some people had their picture taken with it. Something about the movie Legend, which I am unfamiliar with, but a lot of people seemed to know about. One girl walked up and asked the guy, “Is your unicorn’s name Max?”, and he replied, “Why, yes, yes it is.”

I just watched the trailer.  Wow, and wow.