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Taco Doco + Paper Mache Unicorn

I had a lot of fun there at the Tacomentary in Durham tonight. Big turnout. Gorgeous weather… Pinhook opened up their back porch and from it you are able to see all of the people in the stands at the Durham Bulls ballpark and hear the announcer, so that was kinda cool. You are also able to see new tacky neon “OLD BULL” sign, which was less than desirable. (Durham, I miss you, but you never cease to amaze me).


The best part was of course the tacos, or tortas, as you can see my friend Sean enjoying below. He did the intro music for the tacomentary, which was fun to watch. I learned that there are over 30 taquerias in Durham and how to order so that I don’t wind up with tongue or intestines (a fear that has kept me away thus far). I know that people genuinely enjoy these items and I wish I were that adventurous, but come on it’s a tongue for godsake, the tongue of a cow no less. The chicken was fine and the salsas were excellent. 


This last picture is completely random. Some guy had a paper mache unicorn, out there on the street. I am not sure what the relationship is between the unicorn and the tacomentary. He made it, some people had their picture taken with it. Something about the movie Legend, which I am unfamiliar with, but a lot of people seemed to know about. One girl walked up and asked the guy, “Is your unicorn’s name Max?”, and he replied, “Why, yes, yes it is.”

I just watched the trailer.  Wow, and wow.