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Blog Resuscitation

Holy smokes, I haven’t blogged since April 2010.  Time to get back on the wagon.

Mini Van Feed: Volcanoes in Ohio

While doing homework this week, Van and I had to fill out a “Getting to Know You” worksheet for his teacher. One of the questions was, “Where would you like to visit?”

Me: So, Van, where would you like to visit?

Van: Ohio

Me: Ohio?

Van: Yes, Ohio.

Me: Why?

Van: (laughs hystertically) I have no idea.

Me: That’s so weird.

Van: (very serious) They have volcanoes there, don’t they?

Happiness is Love. Full Stop.

Is there a formula for a good life? For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been examining this question by following 268 men since the late 1930s. This is a video excerpt from that story in the Atlantic Monthly.

Happy Mother’s Day Video

My sister, Jessica, sent this over this morning…funny and creative idea for a Mother’s Day card…