Mini Van Feed: Go Back and Look Dawn

There have been an increasing number of memos posted around our apartment lately.

On Tuesdays, I let Van sleep with me. He gets to pick where he wants to eat out, I read to him instead of him reading to me and he gets to sleep with me. Big Tuesday. So this past Tuesday, Van is hard at work on the side of the bed that he sleeps on. He has gotten a stool and is laying out his slippers and folding his Snuggie (my mom made him a pint size Snuggie with planets on it) and setting out a thermos of water. Not two feet away is this sign.  He explains to me that the sign is just in case he accidentally walks past the stool with all of his morning amenities and needs a reminder to “Go Bak!”

This “Look Dawn Van!” memo was posted on his bedroom door. When I looked down myself to see why he needed a reminder to look down, I witnessed a long train of toys set up side by side. When I asked what the deal was, he explained, “the sign will tell me to look down, and when I look down, then I will slip on this ball, and the ball will roll into the car, and the car will go down the track and trigger the spinny thing, and the spinny thing runs the car into the snuggie, and the barrel shoots off that way and sets off the alarm clock.”


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