Mini Van Feed: Smokin’ Pancake Balls

Van and I went to Denny’s tonight to get breakfast for dinner… something he absolutely loves. If he had it his way, he would eat breakfast for dinner every night. I thought Van would like Denny’s because a colleague mentioned that they make robot pancakes for kids.

I haven’t been to a Denny’s since I was around 10 years old when I was stuffed into a minivan with my sisters and cousins and we drove from Athens to Orlando to go to Disney World one summer. I remember it being so hot and miserable… and being so jealous of my older cousin Nano who listened to Yaz  on her new walkman (the band, not the birth control), while I had to listen to whatever my mom and Aunt Nano picked on the radio. We may have hit a Denny’s more than once on that trip.

From what I can remember, nothing about the Denny’s has changed, layout is the same and the menu looks only slightly varied. And did you know people can still smoke in there? Smoking in restaurants is illegal in Raleigh, but somehow Denny’s is exempt? There was no one in there (it was 5:30 afer all), which made it feel a tad creepy, and for it was for sure unhealthy. It was one of those cases where you are like, well, there is nothing good for me here, may as well just go all out.

So. Van had these deep fried pancake balls rolled in cinnamon sitting on whipped cream with a side of sausage and bacon, which I think was supposed to resemble some sort of football scenario, but didn’t at all. And I had a cheddar bacon burger with onion rings which I must admit, was delicious. Toward the end of dinner, Van asked me to try some of the pancake balls. He told me I had to dip it into the syrup. He lifted up the syrup container on his plate and started to hand it to me, then he took it back and looked underneath it, and said very seriously,  “Does this look like a parallelogram to you?”


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