The Funnest Car Ever In the World

The Subaru ate it this weekend, and by ate it I mean it needed $3500 worth of work. While the service guy was telling me this, a bright, shiny green Mini Cooper was staring at me from across the parking lot. My car was a 2001, and I know that I have been living on borrowed time for a while now. I had been looking at the Minis, but wasn’t sure I would get the guts to actually purchase one. I bought this one even after it ran out of gas on the test drive. Bad omen? Let’s hope not.

I have never driven anything so fun in my life. You kinda want to give people the keys and say, “Drive it! I am serious, you will not believe how fun it is!!”. There may be a small problem with the speeding and wanting to jump things (can you say supercharger?), but the giggles from the front and back seat make it all OK.

mini me


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