Mini Van Feed: Non-existent Fractured Prunes and First Jokes

So Van and I are driving this morning to try and find the Fractured Prune. A place where you can create your own donut, and they make it fresh right there while you wait. Why they call it the Fractured Prune, I have no idea… I have never been to one, but this morning when I was searching for a new brunchish place that Van I could check out, and it popped up, and since Van routinely starts the morning with the mantra “Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts”, I thought we maybe ought to check it out. Especially since I noticed that a kids meal consists of two hot-design-your-own donuts served on a frisbee with a glass of milk. How cool is that?

Did I mention I am going to San Francisco tomorrow for a week? So sometimes I will pull stunts like this  just in case  something happens to me. That way Van can say, “Oh, yes. I remember her. She took me to the design-your-own donut place.”

Well, we couldn’t find the donut place because there is no donut place. It is listed as existing on Citysearch, but not listed on the Fractured Prune website. (FAIL Citysearch! In oh, so many ways).

Anyway, while in the car driving around looking for the Fractured Prune, I am telling Van that we ought to go ahead and pick out a present for Aleks. His friend from preschool who is having a birthday party next weekend. I ask if we should go to the Lego store and get him the $7 Lego cup. You basically get a really large plastic cup and you can fill it with as many Legos as you want from the ginormous Lego wall. He says no. That we should get him a Lego set instead so that he can build something. I say ok. There is a pause.

Then he says, “I think we should get him the 17-25 set.”

I look at him, “Er, not sure I get your meaning. 17-25 pieces? Is there some sort of 17-25 themed set?”

He says, “Nooooo.” and looks me dead in the eye and raises an eyebrow.

He is waiting for me to get the joke.

“Oooooh. Do you mean to get Aleks the set designed for 17-25 year olds? Honey, you know Aleks is turning 6. Plus, I don’t think they have sets that are designed for…. ”

Still looks at me and waits.

“Wait a minute. ”

He gets a very coy smile.

“You are telling me a joke.”



3 responses to “Mini Van Feed: Non-existent Fractured Prunes and First Jokes

  1. Thank you! I was missing the Van stories!
    Hope your trip is going well!

  2. Hi Nano. The Fractured Prune did used to exist near the Ale House in Brier Creek. I think but it closed a couple of years ago.

    And Van Man? Just too funny.

  3. i was missing the stories too…I never miss reading these ….keep coming

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