Mini Van Feed: Pickle in a Cardboard Box

Yesterday Van and I went to the Lego store, it. He purchased a SpongeBob set which included The Crabby Patty restaurant. We spent a few hours last night putting it together. Today after lunch, he asks me if I have duct tape. I tell him that I do not, and offer him present tape instead. He accepts the offer and heads to his room. Fifteen minutes later he comes back out of his room with the SpongeBob Lego box all taped up except for one smallish hole in the side.

“Watch this.” he says. He holds this rather large Lego box with the hole up, and something exits the box and enters his mouth.

“What the heck was that?” I ask.

“A pickle.” he says.

He then explains proudly that he has spent the last half hour putting the leftover contents of his lunch into this cardboard box so that he may “chug” the food out of the side of the box. This includes a combination of pickles, chex mix, carrots and lil’ smokies.


2 responses to “Mini Van Feed: Pickle in a Cardboard Box

  1. Really?? Really!! This kid is TOO much!

  2. I think he’s brilliant

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