Mini Van Feed

So I am putting Van to bed tonight. He is very excited to finally have the IKEA loft bed after I spent the last 5 days, averaging 2 hours a day, putting that &#$(#)(#&! thing together. He is all snuggly up there with his blankies (will need to take a photo of these wretched “blankies” and post at some point, the fact that they are still in tact is a larger miracle than me getting that bed together, which all told, in the end took 2 other adults and 4 additional hours). Bed – check, blankies – check, I ask if he has Pika (Pika is this kinda strange mouse-like yellow stuffed animal he has had since he was 3, it’s a Pokeman, he sleeps with it every night).

Him: “Oh, I stopped calling him Pika, now I am just calling him PP”. 

Me: “PP?”

Him: “Yeah, PP.”

Me: “I am not sure that is such a great idea, people might think you are talking about your hoo-ha.”

Him: “Hoo-ha? (Laughs hysterically) Well. I am calling him PP because he is Pikachu the Pokeman. 2 P’s”

Me: “OH. I see, well that makes sense. But, I still don’t think it’s such a good idea. Can we just call him Pika like we have for the past 3 years?”

Him: “No.  I’ve got it. I will call him P dot P.”

Me: “P dot P?”

Him: “Yes. P dot P.”

Me: “Yeah, ok. Do you have P dot P?”

Him: “Yes.”


One response to “Mini Van Feed

  1. So when my only nephew was little (he’s now 17), he had blankies and two stuffed animals called “Mommer and Petie”. He LOVED those things. Fast forward to when he was 15. Mommer and Petie are retired (although still somewhere in the house).

    He came to our house for Thanksgiving weekend with his folks. We had a great weekend. One morning I went to wake him up for breakfast. Door was ajar. Half a knock and a “wake up!’. Scraps of blankie are up by his face.

    And a boner.

    A big boner.

    You have NOT lived ’til you’ve seen your 15 year old nephew asleep, with his blankie and a boner.

    He would kill me if he knew I told this story, although his wedding is a distinct possibility.

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