Twitter gets 10 Points Today

Yesterday I was monitoring our Lenovo Twitter account @lenovosocial and there was a post to us from a person who had worn out the TrackPoint on his ThinkPad, and wondered where to get some more. I just happen to have a bag of TrackPoints on my desk, so I asked the person to email me and let me know his address so I could mail some to him. Another follower, who was having the same problem, saw the tweet and emailed me as well.

When the second person emailed me with his address, I realized he lives and works in Raleigh at Red Hat so I wrote back and asked if he knew one of my very good friends who worked there, and he replied immediately that he had just had a meeting with her yesterday.

We have written back and forth a couple of times and it turns out that this person also works in social networking for Red Hat.  We have decided to grab lunch or a beer sometime and chat about good social networking strategies for both companies, and possibly even plan a “Tweet Up” with both Lenovo and Red Hat followers.

Twitter, I like you today (even if you do require a separate email for every account!)


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